logo 2Around the year 1890, early settlers in the area got together to hear church services in their homes. On September 7th, 1915, they joined the American Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church, Suomi Synod. The documents were signed by Messrs. and Mmes Oscar Sundberg, Oscar Osterback, John Jarvi, Gust Saari, Matt Luuki Sr., John Toivonen, and Gust Hanni Sr.

They bought the Hart School in Clark Township in 1925 and remodeled it for church services but continued to have the ladies aid meetings in the home once a month.

The church was registered in Aitkin on January 28th, 1930. Signers were Reverend Wm. Tervo, Frank Lundgren, Victor Rinta, Anna Haapoja, and Oscar Sundberg.

St. Paul Lutheran Church in Cloquet has supplied pastors since 1940. The church was remodeled and new pews installed in 1959. The new addition was built in 1962. The congregation voted to join the AFLC in July of 1965. In 2014, the church called Pastor Ron Staudinger to be their full time pastor. Many improvements have been made to the church building within the past year. We invite you all to come and see the “Little Church With A Big Heart”.


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